Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer After Year 1

So it's hard keeping up with a blog while in college, so I will just post whenever I remember to. Anyhow, I completed my first full year at college and it was a struggle. Not only did I underestimate the difficulty of the classes, I also underestimated how easy it is to forget about homework for classes where it isn't assigned regularly.
My procrastination writing skills were much improved, however. I got A's in both of my English classes this year and definitely procrastinated on everything! My first semester we were supposed to come up with a topic to present to the class that was controversial... well I forgot to find a topic and I forgot my presentation date. Needless to say when my presentation day arrived I was very frazzled. But as the student before me presented her topic, I frantically racked my brain for one. Finally I decided on something that I could make a slight argument about: smoking laws. So I whipped up some notes and presented to the class, nervous as Professor Quirrell meeting Harry Potter for the first time. My procrastination was a theme that semester, and as I walked into class to receive a grade on a paper I spent one night on, I was shocked to find out that I got a 96, and did better than most of the class!
Anyways, now it's summer and I'm glad to be relaxing. I saw my best friends in the whole world last week and now I'm babysitting a little boy who is quite a handful! Life is good and I feel like the upcoming semester will go very smoothly. Not to mention I could only get 11 class credits because of scheduling. All of the classes are at 12! I don't know what the deal is with that but it's killing me! But low credit hours will mean more time to do homework, so hopefully my grades are solid.
That's all for now.
Stay tuned!


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